An estimate of the Flintstone Bridge Gauge (painted on abutment under covered bridge) height based on the current gauge height from the USGS.

Bridge gauge estimate is based off of the correlation formula described on
American Whitewater.


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Bridge Gauge Estimate


If Power Station Offline


USGS Gauge Forecast

Bull Bridge Gauge Height Graph

Bridge Gauge / River Character

1    Low water, good fun. George's is in.

1.5    Good first level. More fluid but still low. Staircase is probably easiest at this level. George's is in.

3 - 4    Flume is sticky, but will always flush you. Probably don't want to try Staircase.
Pot O' Gold is in.

5 - 7    Water gets bigger, flume gets easier with wave trains below. Sneak line on staircase opens on the river right side. S-turn pour over becomes something you really really don't want to go into. Big hole directly after on river left (Russ's hole) gets more stout and you'd really like to avoid it. Past that, big waves

7+    Big waves, big holes, gets pretty crazy. Be comfy on big water and known where you shouldn't be or you're going to have an absolutely awful day. Deadhorse opens up.

George's    At 1 - 2 ft the actual wave is prime good play (depending on ten-mile flow). At 3 - 4 ft the wave above george's comes in, with a nice deep trough for looping. Past that it's pretty much just avoid the big hole in the middle of the river, pretty easy to do.

Pot O' Gold    3 - 4 ft. Wave by Gaylordsville take out comes in.

- descriptions compiled from NPMB

For additional info about the nature of the run please refer to the description on American Whitewater.

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